Color Theory in Games


Got a few requests from people to write about how to effectively use colors in games, so here we go... I'll go through some basic concepts of color theory and tell you how to apply them to your games.

I took a class in college, which was helpful, but it's not necessary for anyone.  The information about how to use colors is out everywhere on the internet so paying a ton of money to do a few exercises and take lectures isn't worth it.  I got better with colors just by following the basic things about color theory.

(This is not a full tutorial.  I will teach a few things here and other stuff I will leave out for future tutorials).


The first thing you see in a color theory class is the color wheel.  Most artists have probably seen this before and it's straight forward: a rainbow wheel of all the colors you can imagine.

fun fact - the mantis shrimp can see a ton of colors that humans can't.