Flash Problems - Small Grid When Zoomed In

The Issue - very annoying/eye straining grid that shows up when you're zoomed in and causes objects to snap to it, making fine adjustments impossible.

The Fix - View > Snapping > Snap to Pixels

Flash Problems - Stage is Restricted

Had this problem happen a while ago and it took me forever to figure out how to fix it.  I eventually realized it was because I was using a keyboard shortcut I wasn't aware of.  Had people randomly ask if I knew how to fix this problem, so I'm assuming this is pretty common.

The Issue - Stage is locked at the top left and you can't pan.

The Fix - View > Pasteboard or Ctrl+Shift W

Flash Problems - Dragging Objects Only Shows Border

The Issue - Was starting a new project and soon into it I noticed that dragging stuff leaves an outline of the object instead of dynamically showing the actual object.  Looked online but couldn't find much about it, which is probably because it's a real simple mistake.

The Fix - To avoid it, make sure to pick actionscript 3.0 when starting a new doc.  Copy over everything into that doc if you're far ahead into it, but I doubt you get that far without getting annoyed by this issue.