Flash Tips & Tricks 1

I wanted to make one giant post about things you can do in Flash, but thought it would be too overwhelming for me to write and people to read through, so here is part 1.  I'll try to focus on certain parts like all animation or all drawing.  Might recognize a few of these from other tutorials.

*Some tools can be bound to your own hotkey if one doesn't exist or you don't like the default.  To do this, go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts and find the tool you need to bind.  Hotkeys written below with an (*) means it's my own custom made one.


Rectangle w/ Rounded Edges
Quick and nice feature built in flash.  Select the Rectangle Tool (R) > Properties > Rectangle Options.  Use the slider for how curvy you want your square, or if you want the opposite, you can do that too.

Polygon Tool
Should be where your rectangle and oval tool is located.  You can change the amount of points it has so you can make pentagons/hexagons/etc, as well as stars.  For some reason mine disappeared and haven't been able to figure out what happened.  If anyone knows a solution, I'd appreciate a tutorial on getting it back.