How to Draw - Potions

Making a few different shapes and colors, but in general they look the same and have the same steps. A few common things I use in this tutorial:
  • Expand/Inset - This is a shortcut to make an outline.  Like in the 4th step, I copy the 3rd step, expand that a few pixels, paste in place what I copied and inset that a few pixels.
  • Gradients - I like to use this in subtle ways because you can get overboard and make things look tacky.


Quick Draw - Diamond

Needed to make a gem for a game so I decided to make a very quick 'how to draw' tutorial.


How to Draw - Garbage

I was drawing some assets for a game and I thought "why not make a quick tutorial out of it."  So I did.  Started with a trashcan and a recycling bin, and the rest of the assets for them I broke down into a few steps.