Thanksgiving - Tofurkey

Thanksgiving is coming up, and since I'm mostly vegan, here's a tutorial on drawing a Tofurkey.


I normally don't show this part, but I always have a sketch to start out with.  I use a tablet to make this easier.  If you don't have one, traditional pen and paper work.  This helps get the basic shapes laid out so you can draw over it. 

Main Body

  • We're making a boxy shape since tofu is usually a cube.  I put a hole at the front center to mimic where a turkey's head would be chopped off.  
  • Add some gradients to give more depth.
  • On the third step, I made the the shape a little more curvy so it's not too sharp but still has that boxy shape.
  • Last two steps are just small details to add some texture and stuff.


Not much different from the last step.  For the bone, I kept it a little more smooth and non textured.  No idea how you'd make a vegan bone...

Plate, Tomato & Leaves

A few decorations left to make so the final composition can be decorated better.  Use a few subtle gradients to make stuff shiny and add shadows. 


Putting everything together, make sure to skew and distort things if needed to get the perspective right.  Add shadows so the meat looks like it's actually sitting on the plate.


  1. Hi

    Thank you for your tutorials. I really enjoy reading em. I have a request. Can you do tutorial on color theory or shading for game art ? I mean for example , when you choose red, why do you choose that "red" and not the other red and why not that other red instead ?

    I hope you understand my questions. Also how and where do you get you color palettes ? Can you do a full guide maybe on a game character including the background coloring technique ?


    1. Glad it helped. I can definitely make a guide to basic color theory next.

      Being comfortable with color palettes takes time. I used to be very bad at choosing colors, but once you have a good grasp of how colors work together, it gets easier.