Halloween - Ghost, Pumpkin & Zombie

Second tutorial for Halloween 2014.  I took a request from someone to make some faces, but since it's a special month, I'll make some common ghouls.  Also taking some advice and making more detailed steps.


  • We'll make a Pacman style ghost here.  Start with a circle, cut the bottom and stretch it a bit so he's not so circular.  Ctrl + Drag the bottom edge to make a zigzag pattern at the bottom.  
  • For the inside part, I usually copy the current shape and INSET it by a few pixels so you have a nice and clean outline.  
  • With the main shape done, use gradients to add more depth and add a few details if you'd like. 

  • The eye is pretty straight forward.  Usually I have 2 light sources - bright on one edge and a small one on the other.
  • For the mouth, make a rectangle and start dragging the points and edges.  Use Ctrl + Drag to make new vertices. 

  • Composing it together, I changed a few things, mainly the eyes.  The mouth I made lighter.
  • For the eyes, other than adding an outline by expanding a solid fill, I skewed them by pressing R and Ctrl + Dragging one of the corners.


  • Similar steps as the ghost.  I cut the top and bottom of the circle and dragged the vertices so I can drag the edges to create the pumpkin shape.
  • I added a slight pink glow to the edge for fun.  Makes the drawing look more interesting.

  • To make the depth of the face, press S for the line fill tool and fill the shape with any line you want.  Double click the line to select all the connected lines and move it to the left.  Now the shape and line is offset.  Fill the space with a different color to show thickness. 

  • Here it is composed.  I didn't like how the bottom part turned out not as clean, but oh well. 


  • Let's make a broken head with some brains peaking out.  Not much new stuff here.  I made a slightly teal glow for the head.

  • Eye is similar to the one I did with the ghost
  • For the mouth, I used a lot of the circle tool, but I took out the fill for it so I can drag the line circle to make the teeth shape and fill that in with yellow.

  • For the composition, I adjusted the brain a little because it looked like it was bulging out a lot.

Hope the extra notes help.  I don't like writing down all the steps because I think that's boring to read and you can learn a lot by experimenting with the program yourself.  If you're using Flash, I doubt you're using it for one small project, but are trying to actually figure out how to do stuff in it.


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    1. Glad I can help. Let me know if you have requests because it's more fun for me to make these when I know it'll be useful to at least one person.

  2. Hi Izzy i just wish if you could make a video tutorial series

    1. Might be a possibility in the future, but for now these blogs take less time to make. Will keep it in mind